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What Better Place to Be?
Born Again (Part 1)
Born Again (Part 2)
Born Again (Part 3)
Forgiveness and Acceptance
God's Family
Let the Little Children Come to Me
Rejoicing in Suffering
And the Skies Proclaim the Work of His Hands
How Shall the Young Secure Their Hearts
Looking Forward
All Things Work Together for Good (part 1)
All Things Work Together for Good (part 2)
Our Father Knows Best
A "Spirit-led" life
Compelled (Part 2)
His Resurrection — Our Resurrection
"My Jesus, As Thou Wilt"
Psalm 73
The Better Messenger
The Ridiculousness of This World
Colossians 1:13-14 -- "Translated"
Hebrews 11 Faith of Our Fathers
Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness
One Things
"Here We Are, But Straying Pilgrims""
The River
Pray for Our Country
I Cant Feel at Home in this World...
The Christian and the Government
The Life That is Truly Life
Go Buy a Sword
Mercy Triumphs Over Judgement
Our Inheritance
Lord, Teach Me
The Mystery
It's Not God's Fault
Eliminate the Negative
Waco: A Modern Day Colossae
Our Worship to God
The Power of Water
The Christians Walk
The Whole Duty of Man
Be Prepared
Lessons from Noah
The Spirit's Fruit
Our Father
Have Thine Own Way, Lord
Like Everyone Else?
Deception - Part 1
Deception - Part 2
Family Reunion
He Hideth My Soul
A Life of Devotion
To An Unknown God
Be Patient
Confession IS Good for the Soul
Family Reunion
Good King Josiah
The Christian and Personal Ministry
Who's in Charge?
Pure Religion
Two Kinds of Wisdom
The Sin of Greed
Favoritism Forbidden
Faith and Works
Be Careful Little Mouth What You Say
The Family of God
Lessons from James
More Lessons from James
Watch Your Mouth
The Heart
Words to Live By
At the Cross
Starting Over
Freedom in Christ
Be Careful Little Mouth
Idol Worship
Jesus is Fairer
The Greatest of These is Love
Words of Wisdom from I Corinthians
Mere Words Cannot Express
Be Ye Reconciled to God
Seeing the Unseen
The Victory is the Lord's
Jesus the Great I AM
Why Am I Here
Family Business
Forgiveness Without Finding Fault
Greed vs. Contentment
Lessons from Colossians 1
Let Us Be Forever Thankful
Redeeming the Time
Take Heed!
God's Promise to Protect
God's Woman
Super Bowl Sunday
The Christian Obligation To Give
The Election
The Word of the Lord
To Tell the Truth
We are Valuable
Revive Us Again
Prayer Works!
Our Worship to God - Part 1
Our Worship to God - Part 2
God is the Master of My Fate
The Secret of Living Right
True Faith
Crossing the Bar
Additional Warnings from Hebrews
Communicating with God
The Mirror Doesn't Lie
You Shouldn't Have
This World is Not My Home
A Different Point of View
Mother's Day 2014
A Sermon From the Past
God's Creation
Let Us
Stand Firm
The Lord is My Portion
In Him
Just Follow the Directions
Lee on Prayer
One Minute Sermon
Warnings from Hebrews
Gospel According to Paul
Psalm 32
If Jesus Had Not Been Born
How to Guarantee Success
God's Family
God With Us
Ephesians 1
Consistency in Our Image
Comfort and Hope
He Poured Water into a Basin
In Christ
Do the Work of an Evangelist
The Biggest Little Word
Duck Dynasty and Baptism
Beware the Yeast